TCDI Company is Promoting Online Shopping in Tanzania

By: Godlove Nyagawa


Tanganyika Career Development Institute, a network of companies offering online services, is targeting Tanzania’s middle class to transform the country into online shopping culture.

The group of firms like Christian Online, Marsh Real Estate Classified, and Tanzania Hotels Agent which also operate in Tanzania said that it was important to shift attention to online shopping as it remained simple and safe.

In their unity, the group says given the current internet penetration through mobile phone which is at about 30 per cent, it is an opportunity for the youth to use the technology for productive activities.

“Unlike Kenya where most people use internet for searching opportunities, here in Tanzania most of internet use is for chatting. This has to change,” said Marsh Real Estate Managing Director Godlove Nyagawa. He said there is hope of change as some people have started using internet on their mobile phones for searching properties, cars, dressing, ordering food and finding opportunities available.

“We have noticed the increasing number of youth going online searching for opportunities and properties.

We hope the trend will continue changing in a positive way,” he said.

TCDI’s experience shows that the impact of growing middle class in Tanzania is felt and this is because of kind of goods and services that are highly demanded by youth with possible disposable income., which mainly deals with properties online testifies that its main customers are youth who seek houses to mainly accommodate family needs..


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